Placefiles for GRLevel3 and Google Earth

Visual Satellite Placefiles:
Northern Plains visual satellite (GRLevel3)
Southern Plains visual satellite (GRLevel3)
Gulf visual satellite (GRLevel3)
Florida visual satellite (GRLevel3) NEW!
Example Images (GRLevel3)

Placefile must be underlayed in GRLevel3. Check both boxes in GRL3 next to the placefile to do this.

See this tutorial if you wish to contribute another section of the US or fine tune the existing ones.
Other Satellite Placefiles:
Northern Plains infrared satellite (GRLevel3)
Northern Plains water vapor satellite (GRLevel3)
Southern Plains infrared satellite (GRLevel3)
Southern Plains water vapor satellite (GRLevel3)
Gulf infrared satellite (GRLevel3)
Gulf water vapor satellite (GRLevel3)
Florida infrared satellite  (GRLevel3) NEW!
Florida water vapor satellite (GRLevel3)  NEW!
Example Images

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